Updates and suggestions

MrCakeSlayer OperatorKingpin posted Jan 22, 18

Hello JailCraft!

We have been working to improve the Jail Craft experience and we need your help to do so, Below I will post what we have changed, added and removed alot with what we plan to add or are thinking about adding so that you can give your feedback and ideas on them. I will also list several ways that you guys can give us suggestions and your feedback!

To start off, Lets do a list of the stuff we have added:

  • /island command (Skyblock)
  • New donator rank: Kingpin, This is above God
  • New /duel arena
  • Pets currently for Kingpin, We plan to add it to God soon.
  • New /pvpeffects command for God, & Kingpin ranks
  • MobStacker plugin to reduce lag
  • Added McMMO (Abilities are disabled for PVP but allowed for PVE)
  • Added auto login for premium users (Type /premium twice in chat)
  • Added /withdraw command to withdraw money from your balance
  • Advertise and improve vote rewards
  • Add supply crate drops to /warp free

Not a very long list but it is still some progress, Along with that we have also made tons of changes to existing stuff, I will now list those:

  • Buff to the God kit
  • Balance changes to the Citizen and Criminal kits
  • Improved the Efficiency level on the Starter Pickaxe to level 4
  • Readded the permission to use /p auto
  • Various changes and improvements to our Anti-Cheat
  • Added wingbuilder to Kingpin rank
  • Changed the /duel kits a bit for balancing
  • Improved web shop icons and added categories
  • Updated auction plugin to act more like a real auction
  • Buffed God crate
  • Buffed kit raid (Item wise + lowered claim delay to 1 week)
  • Improved spawn design for PVP area
  • Lowered ALL rankup prices, Mainly for the Inmate-FREE ranks
  • Improved perks for God and Kingpin ranks (More plots, more homes, etc)
  • Unblocked tons of blocks in limited creative
  • Buff Kit PVP

That was quite a larger list, Now it is time to list the things that we plan to do or change in the future:

  • Plot mines (Buy in shop? Maybe have some upgrades or perks to buy seperately to improve owned plot mines?)
  • /trade plugin or system allows trading of stuff from experience levels, to money, to blocks, etc
  • Add more ways to earn money besides mining (Need suggestions from players)
  • Mob spawner GUI shop? If we do this, Maybe remove spawners from kits?

Note: that these are not guarenteed just some ideas or plans that we have, We need your opinions on whether you want us to add them or not

That pretty much wraps up everything that we have changed or added aswell as listing some of the things we plan to add or have thought about adding, If you guys have feedback or opinions about stuff that we have already done or some of the stuff we are thinking about, Please feel free to message us on the website, on discord, or even comment on this post! We are also open to any NEW suggestions that you guys have including if it was one that was denied in the past, So please don't hesitate to let us know what you guys want!

BabyRuben Ya it's Cool for trader...
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