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i haz gud huzuni hax
jk xD
Tanzeemroks hax legit
yo bravo i just got in and in 1min i got 3v1ed by pinoys and got banend
i keep fighting ireflex and and he ban ;(
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Summer Sale

JadoMC Mobster posted Jun 9, 17

xX_SpankY_Xx TryHardPvP can u help me
xX_SpankY_Xx i cant remember my password can u guys tell me it and ill change it if that is possible
whizodumb TryHard My Account Ban Not Using Hax the reason is InventoryMove.. Unban me :(


TryHardPvP OwnerGodMobster posted Apr 15, 17

Ok, Im beyond tired of seeing. JC is failing titles. You want an update. Here is the update. We are currently working behind the scenes on new stuff for yall. That being said yes I know yall are impatient but it takes time to fix things that are messed up on top of finding new things to implement our ideas and coming up with new ideas to get a better player base. We are trying to fix things. yall need to be a little patient and let us get it done. Not all of us stay on Minecraft 24/7 we do have outside lives too. With that being said yes it does take a while to do things and yes it is taking a little longer to do what we are doing now. but yall have no idea the things we have been through the past couple weeks to hinder us working on the new stuff for the server. now instead of everyone spreading rumors about what they think is going on. why not show some effort and come to TeamSpeak and talk to one of us about what is going on. even if it ain't TeamSpeak. Jailcraft has their own personal facebook page which Tryhard and moonshine look at every day. 



Thealex27 Pleasss unban my Acc
whizodumb TryHardPvP my Account is Banned and The Reason is InventoryMove? And i Dont have any Hax.. Can u Unban My Account Please...
ItzOmegaPvP Heyy TryHard Unban My Acc No Use Hax Im Ban The JailCraft And More Im First Join Ur Server

Easter Sale

TryHardPvP OwnerGodMobster posted Apr 9, 17

50 % off Easter Sale 

Sale Ends Apirl 30th

 Use Coupon "Easter"

Eizen McKid45 Cobraa And _YouTube_ Wendell02 Use Duplicate in Duel He is USe Sw Join Before Duel Accept ANd 30s Is Times up Al...
ItzOmegaPvP Please Unban Me Im TheFlamingCow
par_kor TryHardPvP
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