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MinecraftKid45 AdminGod posted Nov 17, 17

Hello JailCraft Players, we know that recently there has not been as many players on JC as usual, so we need your suggestions on what you want added or removed from JailCraft. This isn't a "we may add it", or a "if we think its a good idea we might add it". No, if we think its a good idea we WILL add it.

We are trying very hard to keep JailCraft alive, but we cannot do it alone, we need help from our Community! What features do you want to see on JailCraft?

You can make a forum post in the "Suggestions for the Server" about what you want changed.
Found a bug in...Warp Citizen, or a dupe glitch? Let us know all about it!
Know a cool plugin that you like? Let us know about it!
Hate something about JC? Please let us know!

So, you see where I am going..if you want something changed on JailCraft, this is the time!


MinecraftKid45 AdminGod posted Oct 24, 17

Hello JailCraft Players!
We would just like you to know JailCraftMC has just reset!
This includes: Inventories, Vaults, Factions, Plots, Ranks(except donor and staff), and Money!

We have also changed a few things and fixed a few issues with the server!

Happy Halloween!

MinecraftKid45 AdminGod posted Oct 6, 17

Happy Halloween, JailCraft Players!

It's that time of year again!
The Sp0oo0ky Time of the Year!

In celebration, we have changed the Spawn to a Halloween Theme, this spawn provides an open-area for PvP, making it possible for multiple players to PvP at once, and even bigger mines to accommodate for more players!

We are also having a shop sale! Use the code "
Halloween" for 40% off your entire cart if it is over $5.00 through November 1st!
You can use the coupon code only once, so choose wisely!


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